Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ignatian Leadership Programme -Fr.Raymund Chuhan

Ignatian Leadership Programme

Sixteen middle-aged Jesuits of our province flocked together for their Ignatian Leadership follow-up programme at Saputara from 18 to 21 November. This was a second follow-up programme of this group under the able, wise and experienced leadership of Fr J M Heredero. This time the group had the privilege of yet another eminent Jesuit of our province Fr Franco, who brought in a lot of his experiences of the universal society. Both Frs Heredero and Franco, the odd couple as it were, came with well-planned inputs, centred on “effective and affective communication, dialogue and leadership.”

As the middle aged Jesuits climbed up the only Hill Station of Gujarat – Saputara, they also began to climb up slowly and gradually the heights of Ignatian Leadership. The group felt very much at home with each other, acting, reacting and interacting with each in sessions and outside sessions while relaxing. There was no inhibition of any kind from any quarter. To add to it the host – the Shamgahan Fathers – went all out of their way to prepare dishes that our Jesuits relished. At the end of programme the group decided to have a retreat in common in the coming Diwali Vacation at Mt Abu. It seems that the prevalent scarcity of Jesuit Leadership may reduce by such enriching and enhancing programmes in the province! Hats off to Frs. Heredero and Franco and of course the host. (Raymund Chauhan)

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