Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Dear Friend,
Spirituality is the great hunger in our fast changing world. Catholics long to deepen their faith, still their hearts and engage more deeply with the mystery of God.
Now every day, UCAN offers a raft of new content developed to meet that hunger, especially for visitors to our main site and those who come to UCAN through social media.
Every day you will find aids to prayer, approaches to Scripture, a focus on saints, especially those from Asia, feature stories that can enrich your spiritual life.
It will be of special interest and value to all working in evangelisation but also of interest and usefulness to ordinary visitors to our site. In fresh and vital ways, the focus is on our engagement with the mystery of God, the person and message of Jesus and the relevance of a living faith in our world today.
Why is UCAN providing this service? The first reason is that we are a Catholic information provider and information about the Catholic faith is one sort of information that Catholic content providers should offer.
But the second reason goes to what the web has done to publishing. UCAN used to be an organisation that provided news stories and features for Catholic newspapers and magazines. That is now a small part of our work.
The web makes us able to be publishers and distributors of our information for ourselves. Content producers like UCAN are themselves everywhere becoming their own publishers. UCAN has also.
Spirituality is an aspect of most Catholic print publications and it should be of cyber publications. Spirituality is now part of the content that UCAN offers.
Let us know what you think, what you like most and want more of and what you think is off the mark by writing to mkellysj@ucanews.com
With best wishes,

Fr. Michael Kelly SJ
Executive Director

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